There are two categories of weapons that exist in Phantasmal, melee weapons and guns. Three weapon slots are available to the player which can hold any combination of close or ranged weapons, however, two of the same weapon can't exist in the player's inventory. When all three slots are occupied, weapons will need to be dropped or swapped out in order to make room for new weapons.

For weapon damage and durability values, use this spreadsheet.

Melee Weapons Edit

Weapon Damage Durability
Phantasmal woodplank1
Wood Plank Low (Low)

A total of 15 swings or 4 charged swings

Phantasmal bat1-0
Bat Medium (High)

A total of 25 swings or - 13 charged swings

Phantasmal pipe1-0
Metal Pipe High (Medium)

A total of 20 swings or 5 charged swings

Katana ? ?

Melee weapons appear in large quantities and are common in most areas of the game, this fact (in addition to being quiet compared to guns) means melee weapons usually serve as the primary weapon type in many encounters. Melee weapons have two modes of attack, primary fire swings the weapon at a quick pace with reduced damage, and holding primary fire charges up the weapon for a much stronger attack with reduced speed. When a melee weapon is fully charged, the player will hear the character breathe in, followed by a faint gulp sound.

Durability plays a large role exclusive to close-combat weapons, where weapons will break apart after a number of hits connect with an enemy or object. Once a weapon's durability is depleted, the weapon drops out in front of the player and is rendered useless. Charged attacks will degrade a weapon's durability much quicker than regular attacks, roughly 3-4x the rate of uncharged swings. All melee weapons have different levels of durability and strength.

Guns Edit

Weapon Damage Ammo Ruckus Build-Up
Phan pistol
Pistol Low Magazine size: 10/0

+10 bullets on gun pickup

+5 bullets on ammo pickup

Phantasmal shotgun1-0
Shotgun Low-High Max loaded shells: 7

+ 7 shells on gun pickup

Phantasmal mp5 1-0
MP5 Low Magazine size: 30

+30 bullets on gun pickup

+90 bullets on ammo pickup

Phantasmal ak1-0
AK47 Medium Magazine size: 30

+30 bullets on gun pickup

Phantasmal rifle1-0
Hunting Rifle High Magazine size: 10/0

+10 bullets on gun pickup

Very High

(Max Ruckus after firing 3 shots)

Guns are rare compared to melee weapons (aside from the Pistol), appearing only in locked cases and secret rooms. Guns serve as a powerful, ranged alternative to melee combat, capable of eliminating most enemies with ease while at a safe distance. All ranged weapons have the ADS (Aim Down Sight) mechanic, allowing players to fire from the hip or to aim from the weapon's sights. Monsters in Phantasmal do not have specific hit locations so firing at the enemy's head will not deal extra damage.

While ranged weapons have infinite durability, most guns suffer from frequent ammo shortages due to their uncommon rarity and also weapon ammunition being extremely rare drops from crates, cabinets and other item sources. In addition, guns are excessively loud, rapidly building up Ruckus when fired and attracting any distant monsters to the player's location. These factors add a lot of risk with firearms, are generally wasteful for many encounters and should be used strategically.