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The Pipe Bomb is a powerful explosive item that can be utilized offensively, defensively or as a distraction.

When the Pipe Bomb is thrown, the fuse will immediately start burning and will detonate after 3-4 seconds, the resulting explosion is capable of killing most enemies that are within its large blast radius. Pipe Bombs are also very loud and as such can be used to lure nearby monsters to its position. Precautions should be taken before throwing a Pipe Bomb as the Player can be severely wounded or killed from the blast while also quickly drawing in nearby monsters to its proximity.

Location Edit

Pipe Bombs are an uncommon item and do not spawn in any room layouts, however, they can appear randomly when opening crates, cabinets and drawers.

Tactics Edit

  • It's recommended that the player head to a safe area after throwing a pipe as any monster close by will be drawn to the noise.
  • A Flare can be thrown first to help cluster a group of enemies before throwing a pipe, maximizing the pipe's damage.
  • Pipe Bombs are useful when fighting Shadowmen as they have large amounts of health, they will not die from the explosion, but will help soften them up for an easier kill.

Notes Edit

  • In the tutorial level, it's possible to use the Pipe Bomb's splash damage to launch yourself to inaccessible areas as the player won't take any damage.