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Phantasmal is a procedurally generated, first-person, survival horror game released on Steam in Early Access on April 29th 2015 and officially released on April 14th 2016.

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Items - A list of currently known items that can be used in the game with descriptions, strategies and spawn locations. -incomplete

Weapons - A list of currently known weapons that can be found in game with descriptions and statistics. -incomplete

Monsters - A list of currently known monsters with characteristics and strategies. -incomplete

Characters - A list of currently known characters in the game. -incomplete

Rooms - A list of currently known rooms that can be generated in a level. -incomplete

Set Pieces - A list of currently known floor pieces used for item spawns and decorating large generated areas. -incomplete

Main FeaturesEdit

Phantasmal is a survival horror rogue-like created by Eyemobi, which finds players trapped in the perilous, desolate Kowloon Walled City before its demolition in the 90s. Players must sneak, scavenge and fight their way through the horrors that skulk around every corner.

Survival Horror Labyrinth - Each level in Phantasmal is procedurally generated so a new strategy and approach is always needed as the player will never walk through the same layout twice.

Don't Go Insane - The player's sanity quickly erodes with every creature they face and with every moment spent hiding in complete darkness. Use light to regain sanity, but be careful not to be seen.

Tread Lightly - The monsters in Phantasmal are tough, every encounter brings you closer to insanity or even death, use stealth and distractions as much as possible and never make too much noise. Audio and visual hallucinations, crippling vision and movement speed will make survival much more difficult.

Scavenge to Survive - Scrounge the environment for items to repair sanity and health or distract enemies, weapons are also scattered throughout the game such as Pipes, Bats and better guns.

Rogue-like Gameplay - Combining permadeath and procedural generation, Phantasmal is a challenging game that offers a highly replayable horror experience.

Latest activityEdit

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Phantasmal - City of Darkness Trailer

Phantasmal - City of Darkness Trailer