Phan largecoin

The Large Coin is an item used for purchasing items and upgrades.

Large Coins are worth more than a regular Coin, adding a total of 3 coins to the Player's inventory when picked up. It bears the same design as any coin, but with a larger size and bronze-like color.

Coins can be traded with Egg Chin in the Apartment to purchase Upgrades and Items for the Player.

Location Edit

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A Large Coin found inside a crate.

  • Large Coins have a chance of spawning from crates, cabinets and drawers.
  • Large Coins have no natural spawn areas (with the exception of the Bar Room spawn).

Notes Edit

Phan largecoin bug

A Large Coin found on the counter with the appearance of a smaller coin.

  • The Bar Room contains a bug where a Large Coin always spawns on the counter with the size of a regular coin.
  • Large Coins have a tendency to spawn standing on its side rather than face down.