Phantasmal ingot1-1

Ingots are the most valuable source of coins available in Phantasmal, adding a total of 10 coins to the Player's inventory when picked up. The Ingot has the appearance of a bar of gold and can spawn as a single brick or a stack of 3. Coins can be traded with Egg Chin in the Apartment to purchase upgrades and items for the Player.

Phan ingot writing

Writing engraved on top of an Ingot

Location Edit

Ingots are rare, but have a higher chance of spawning depending on what Thread the Player is on.

  • A single Ingot can rarely be found in Crates and Cabinets
  • Locked Cases may also contain a stack of 3 Ingots for a total of 30 coins.
  • The secret Japanese War Room is guaranteed to contain 4 Ingots, a stack of 3 on the desk in the back room and 1 hidden inside a barrel next to the stack of posters.
    Phan ingotstack2

    A stack of 3 Ingots on a desk inside the secret war room.

    Phan ingot warroom

    An ingot can be found in the war room inside a barrel next to the stack of posters.