Phan incense1

Incense is a consumable item that recovers a portion of the player's Sanity and also completely restores any Ruckus built up from causing too much noise. Monster's are attracted to the smell and will investigate the area when the item is used.

When dropped, the bundle of Incense will burn on the floor in front of the player, all enemies within a large radius will immediately search in close proximity to the Incense for a short time.

 Location Edit

Phan IncenseShrine

2 Incense beside a shrine.

Phan incense warroom

Incense hidden in a barrel inside the secret War Room

Incense is a common item found in the game, appearing in areas naturally and having a chance of spawning in crates, cabinets and drawers.

  • 2 Incense are guaranteed to spawn from Incense Shrines located in hallways.
  • Incense has a chance of spawning on shelves in the large Storage Rooms found on earlier levels.
  • Incense has a chance of spawning in final areas of later levels.
  • 2 Incense are guaranteed to spawn in the secret Japanese War Room inside a barrel next to the locked door.

 Tactics Edit

  • It's recommended that the player leave the area after using Incense as all monsters close by will be quickly drawn to the smell.
  • Incense can be used simultaneously when firing guns to help lower Ruckus.
  • Incense has a large aggro radius and can even bait monsters through walls.

Notes Edit

  • Incense stays on the ground forever, but monsters are only distracted by the smell for a short time.
  • Enemies will sometimes ignore walls and objects in their path heading towards the Incense.