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The Flare is a usable distraction item that can be thrown to divert a monster's attention from the player or its surroundings.

When the Flare is thrown, it emits a large amount of green light in a wide radius with a constant fizzing sound effect. All monsters in the vicinity are immediately attracted to the flare and will patrol a small area around its location for a brief moment. Flares are useful items for when the player wants to maintain a more stealthy approach during a level and may also be useful for improving visibility long after the monsters attention has been diverted.
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Visual effects of a thrown Flare

The player's Flare capacity can be increased by purchasing upgrades at Egg Chin's shop.

Location Edit

Phan 4flares1

Four flares inside a single cabinet.

Flares are a common item found the game, appearing in many rooms naturally and having a chance of spawning in crates, cabinets and drawers.

  • The player always starts the game with 7 flares in their inventory.
  • Flares can be purchased from Egg Chin's shop for 5 coins each.
  • It's possible to find 4 flares from a single crate, cabinet or drawer.
  • Flares can spawn on the ground in certain locked rooms.
  • A few rooms in the Sewers have natural flare spawn locations, but may not always spawn during a playthrough.
  • Flares have a chance of spawning on shelves in the large Storage Rooms found on earlier levels.

Tactics Edit

  • It's recommended that the player leave the area after throwing a flare as any monster close by will be quickly drawn to the disturbance.
  • Flares can be used in conjunction with Pipe Bombs to help cluster a group of enemies before killing them with the Pipe's explosion.
  • Flares have a large aggro radius and can even bait monsters through walls.
  • Players facing against walls can throw their flares right through them, attracting distant, unseen enemies.

Notes Edit

  • The flare appears to have the same world model as the Shotgun shells used for shotgun ammo.
  • On rare occurrences, a cluster of 4 flares can spawn from crates and cabinets.
  • Flares stay on the ground forever, but monsters are only distracted for a short time.
  • Flares can be moved around by the player, creating a mobile light source.
  • Enemies ignore any objects in their path heading towards the flare, this can humorously result in objects crashing and flying all over the place as they forcefully push them aside.