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Firecrackers are distraction items that can be thrown to scare off nearby monsters for a short time.

When the Firecrackers are thrown, they emit a large amount of yellow light and produce loud popping sounds for a brief moment. All wandering or pursuing monsters in the area will run away in fear.

Location Edit

Phan firecracker crate

Firecrackers are an uncommon item, they do not have any guaranteed spawn locations.

  • Firecrackers can spawn randomly from Crates, cabinets and drawers.
  • Firecrackers have a chance of spawning on shelves in the large Storage Rooms found on earlier levels.
  • Firecrackers have a chance of spawning in the corners of the finale rooms at the end of later levels.

Tactics Edit

  • Firecrackers work well against Junkies, Starvers and Shadowmen.
  • Firecrackers are ineffective against Spiders, Spitters and Creepy Kids.
  • Firecrackers can be used to stop monsters from chasing the player.
  • Use Firecrackers to clear out patrolling monsters from an area.

Notes Edit

  • The effect of Firecrackers is based off Chinese lore, where ghosts and evil spirits are scared off from the loud noises.
  • The yellow glow from depleted Firecrackers will persist forever similar to Flares.
  • Firecrackers can be moved around by the player, creating a mobile light source.
    Phan firecrackers inactive

    Firecrackers after use

    Phan firecrackers active

    Firecrackers in action