Phantasmal bar1

The Bar is a room that can spawn on most floors (excluding the Sewers) connecting to large open areas or hallways.

Layout Edit

The Bar is a large, dimly lit room with two entrances and large clusters of furniture scatter around the area.

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Phan bar lightning2
Phan bar lightning1

Items Edit

Phan bar2
Phan bar ammo

Pistol ammunition hidden behind TV

Bar Area Edit

  • 2 cabinets are located behind the bar.
  • 1 coin and 1 Large Coin spawns on the counter (see notes below).
  • Pistol ammunition spawns above the shelf behind the TV.
  • A Bat has a chance of appearing behind the bar on the left side.

Balcony Area Edit

  • 3 coins spawn near the balcony on the table with Mahjong tiles.
  • 1 crate is located under the balcony

Tactics Edit

  • The high density of scattered furniture can complicate stealth or combat when monsters are present.
  • The light at the center of the room will recover the player's sanity similar to light switches and fire pits.
  • Players can stand on top of the shelf above the bar making it impossible for enemies to fight back.
  • Players can stand on top of the curtain rods above the windows to avoid enemies.

Notes Edit

  • A Large Coin can be found on the counter at the bar with the same size as a small coin.
  • Interacting with the Mahjong table in any way causes the tiles to create excessive amounts of noise, however, enemies don't seems to be drawn to these sounds.
  • Players can open the cabinets on the wrong side and loot the contents through the walls.
  • Enemies will frequently walk through the counter, shelf and walls near the bar when chasing the player.